Our Daughter Kate

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While you are working hard at making your own way in life and the busy working world and if you have kids, I'm sure you wonder how they are going to turn out.  We all hope they will someday take care of themselves with their choices in life and in work. I can tell you first, they all are different [...]

The Future Is Bright!

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I have seen in my lifetime of almost 70 years, from my earliest memories in the late 1950's to today, that we are a resilient nation made up of a lot of "throw-a-ways" from all the planet. We have come together and have made a beautiful quilt out of all those pieces. The common thread is the kindness and tolerance of Americans [...]

Reach For The Stars!

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"Sometimes it is the people no-one can imagine any thing of, who accomplish the things no-one can imagine", Alan Turing, 1941. You can too! Reach for the stars! In your personal life and your career. My little Sister and me on the front steps of the Guardian Angel Home orphanage in 1965. Life has turned out great. I am grateful. [...]

Proud and Grateful For My Daughter

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As a father, it is hard not to support our kids and to hold them up when they work hard and achieve levels of success, with integrity. My wife and I are proud of both of our daughters for what they have done with their lives as individuals and as business women. Today, we are especially proud of our oldest [...]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Have A Very Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year in 2020! From St. Francis Lodge, on Beautiful Lake George, Minnesota. www.stfrancislodge.org . Our little Chapel overlooking the lake as Christmas draws near. We are grateful. Sal & Family.

Collector’s Edition Available!

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The "20th Anniversary Collector's Edition" of my memoir, "Did I ever thank you, Sister?", is available for the Holidays. This includes a personal note from me to you or whomever you wish to gift it too. For More Info. Go To: https://saldileo.com/autograph/. Thank You. Sal Radio Interview Of My Life and Book

Calling For 2019 Nominations For “St. Francis Award For Peace!”

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Calling For 2019 Nominations "St. Francis  Awards For Peace " Monday, October 28, 2019; Lake George, Minnesota: “Each year, beginning this past January 1, 2019, we will announce 4 Award Recipients for outstanding work in bringing peace to the world. There are four categories of winners; An Individual (s), A Humanitarian Organization, A Business, A Political Leader. Mission Statement: To create [...]

Dogs Are Our Best Friends

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A friend of mine owns a very successful engineering firm. When you walk into their office, you are greeted by several dogs wagging their tails and with smiles on their faces. I think it is a wonderful practice if you can make it work. They have a way of taking the pressure off work and putting things in perspective. Meet Howard, AKA "Howie". [...]