I launched SD Consulting Group as a Business Development Consultant in 2009 and have built a very substantial base of clients, some of which are close to 1 Billion Dollars in annual revenue. If you go to LinkedIn you will see my client list and my wonderful references learn more about my work.

I am affiliated with some of the most successful business consultants in the country who are skilled in many disciplines, who bring many years of experience, along with a proven track record to service many needs. We are solutions providers. If we can’t do it, we will find you someone who can, no charge for us to help you find a fit.

My contact list is extensive locally, regionally, and nationally, to also assist in making contacts for my clients..

Specifically, the following services are what SD Consulting Group offers clients…

  1. Sales and Business Analyses: This includes researching the client’s current sales practices to determine efficiency of the sales department and sales practices to help identify weaknesses and to increase efficiency to produce higher sales numbers, and more profitability.
  2. Salespersons Recruiting: Place key recruitment ads and do a search for sales personnel. Includes screening and interviewing candidates, as well as final placement.
  3. Business Development: Identify key targets for the client, identify key decision makers with targets, reach out to key decision makers, set up meetings between client and key targets to begin developing a relationship.
  4. Corporate Sponsorships: Identify key targets who fit the mission and market of my client (corporations and non-profits). Reach out to targets and facilitate meetings with client to present the opportunity.
  5. Strategic Partnerships: Identify companies and organizations who fit the marketing and mission statements of my client (corporations and non-profits) that would enhance their brand and mission statement, help them reach a bigger audience via affiliation, and help pay a portion of the marketing efforts via internal and external marketing plans to promote the partnership.
  6. Fund Raising: Put together fund raising plans for client and assist in implementation of the plan to help raise money.
  7. Ambassadorship: Identify key people and events that would help the company or non-profit with association by meeting and attending events, etc. on behalf of the client.
  8. Identifying Additional Professional Contract Services: Searching and referring additional contract professional services for extraordinary needs, outside my skill sets via my network of professional consultants.
  9. Refinancing and Raising Capital: Using my network of Financiers and Banks.
  10. Key Note Speaker: I speak on the “Power Of Gratitude” and use my life story and book, “Did I ever thank you Sister?” to empower audiences and build greater trust. Many times this has been a powerful tool when addressing philanthropic audiences at fundraisers and has accounted for substantial increases in raising money for Non-Profits (caused based missions) organizations.

“Nobody cares about how much you know, until they know about how much you care” – Teddy Roosevelt