A true American classic in the fight for the ‘American dream
Jean Kirchens
The next great American true story that needs to be told
Mike Tvrdik
A story that won’t go away. First told over 14 years ago.
Bill Robertson
In pursuit of the American dream, through failure and adversity, Sal Di Leo pulls himself up by the bootstraps to find success in gratitude. Wow!
M.B. Wiley
Everyone can relate to this story. It is impossible to make it up. I see myself in his story of pain and adversity. I found peace in Sal Di Leo’s finding peace in gratitude. He set me free.
Joe Buck
I felt like I was watching a movie of my life unfold in front of my eyes.
Anita Isola
There is hope in gratitude.
Sister Ruth Ann Fox
I know now that we all can make a difference. Sal Di Leo showed me that someone who is grateful can rise above all the troubles life throws at us by using what others give us and passing it on.
Father Bernard Reiser
All of us should see the importance of reaching out to each other. But, most importantly, see that it is our job to do the best with what we are given. Sal Di Leo did just that and it inspires me.
Mike Tracy
Bravo Mr. Di Leo
Dr. Richard Walters, President, UCLA School Of Theatre & Screen Writing