While you are working hard at making your own way in life and the busy working world and if you have kids, I’m sure you wonder how they are going to turn out.  We all hope they will someday take care of themselves with their choices in life and in work. I can tell you first, they all are different and there is hope. My wife and I are so proud of both of our daughters. Each has gifts of their own and they have worked hard to pave their own paths through life. We very proud of them both because they work hard and have integrity. Our youngest daughter Kate has gone her own way from being a corporate team player to following her dream as an Entrepreneur.

I’m very proud to announce that Kate DiLeo will be speaking at @ConnectUp for this year’s conference, March 13-14. In 2019, she transitioned fully to running her own business – the entrepreneur spirit runs strong in our family! This year she’ll be teaching other local entrepreneurs how they can take their passion from side-hustle status to main-hustle, just as she did. Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn and check out the website for more information about the conference. https://bit.ly/2FnGL15

I am grateful. Sal