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Sal Speaking

Sal Di Leo’s message on the ‘power of giving and gratitude’ is what built America. Everyone should hear this message.
Bud Grant, NFL Hall Of Fame Coach




Author Sal Di Leo addresses business leaders, university students, civic organizations, and spiritual audiences about the power of generosity and gratitude.

Sal’s messages include…

Finding Gratitude in adversity can change your life.
“Everyone in life is dealt pain and hardship in some way. If you really look hard at your life you can discover the good and overcome the pain to be free at last. I would like to show you specifics examples in my own challenging life to help you find your peace”

Are you really making a difference by giving?
“For those who are reaching out to help others through philanthropic work or just genuine kindness, sometimes you wonder if you are making a difference. I would like to show you how you are making a profound difference and may not know it.”

Change starts with a choice. It is yours to make.
“An Old Nun at the orphanage empowered me with one sentence. You can learn how to use that sentence for yourself or someone else in your life. It is your choice. I would like to show you how to make the choice that can change your life.”

You can be successful, even if you lose everything.
“I tried making it by just chasing money. I made some good money and lost it all. I am better off now than when I had the money. Life can go on and can be better, even if you go broke. I would like to show you how you can be free from the fear of losing it all.”

We are what we give. Do you want to change the world?
“Peace starts within. We are what we give. I would like to show you how you can change the world by extending your peace to others.”

As an Inspirational Speaker Sal offers proven fundraising strategies to his non-profit clients, helping in their efforts to achieve their financial goals.