Announcing the “2020 St. Francis Awards For Peace”

Beginning in 2019, we have announced 4 Award Recipients for outstanding work in bringing peace to the world. There are four categories of winners; An Individual, A Humanitarian Organization, A Business, A Political Leader.

Our mission is to create an award that extends our Mission at St. Francis Lodge ( of promoting peace to the world by acknowledging and showing our heart-felt gratitude to those who are making a big difference in the world with unconditional giving to spread peace.

This year we focused primarily on “COVID 19 Heroics”

This Year’s winners are…

1. Individual: Dennis Canale, Physician Assistant, Staten Island University.

2. Company (2): Federal Express, UPS

3. Organization: Billy Graham Evangelical Association

4. Political Leader: Honorable Washington Governor, Chris Gregorie

We salute the many who have responded with courage during Covid 19 to first save lives and promote peace. We especially salute these 2020 winners in particular as just four of the many of those who promote peace above all the obstacles they have faced to better Humanity during this crisis. We are grateful.

Sal & Beth Di Leo

Founders-St Francis Lodge.

Lake George, MN