If you ever have a chance to retrace your life’s footsteps by going back to all the places that deeply impacted your life to see if you can see what happened still has a power over you, I would recommend it. Screen Writer Dan Hendrickson and I have been doing this as we continue on to Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, visiting my days there back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Creating an adaptation (Screen Play) for a film of your memoir is an amazing challenge. Dan has met the challenge. We have visited Chicago and Joliet, IL. I went back to Baton Rouge, LA. New York City is where we will end up in that it is where the story really begins in the 1940’s. I have a new found admiration for good screen writers and producers. I am also grateful to Dan and all those we have visited with along the way on this journey back 65 years to help clarify the story as it really happened.