At almost 70, I have seen a lot of ups and downs in the world. Having been the 11th of 12 Children and being born in the early 1950’s, we were poor. But, there was always someone who reached out to us with a helping hand, like the old milk man in Joliet, IL. We couldn’t afford much but somehow he found a way to get us the extra milk and items we needed to help us make ends meet. I found out years later he would ask his boss for a discount on the items he would drop off at our house after his route was completed, at least once a week, and would pay for it out of his pocket. He couldn’t been making much. I truly believe little acts of kindness make all the difference in life. I certainly have not forgotten after 60+ years that man’s kindness. Now, the whole world needs little acts of kindness. Find someone or some organization to help, with little things. Remember, a lot of little people doing little things adds up to big things being done. I have found a little organization to help called Spark-Y Youth Labs which teaches kids online sustainability and a host of other valuable life skills ( If you are looking for a place where kids and education are what you wish to help, this is one to consider. I am grateful. Sal (