“America, The Beautiful!”

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I was so fortunate to have been born the 11th of 12 Children in the early 1950's in America, the son of Sicilian immigrants. I owe so many great Americans who reached out to help me along the way. Pictured on the left is my little sister and me on the front steps of the Guardian Angel Home Orphanage in [...]

Calling For Nominations!

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Each year, beginning on January 1 ,2019, we announce 4 Award Recipients for outstanding work in bringing peace to the world. There are four categories of winners; An Individual, A Humanitarian Organization, A Business, A Political Leader. Our mission is to create an award that extends our Mission at St. Francis Lodge (www.stfrancislodge.org) of promoting peace to the world by [...]

Little Acts Of Kindness Makes A Difference

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  At almost 70, I have seen a lot of ups and downs in the world. Having been the 11th of 12 Children and being born in the early 1950's, we were poor. But, there was always someone who reached out to us with a helping hand, like the old milk man in Joliet, IL. We couldn't afford much but [...]

Celebrating 21 Years With Gratitude!

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  This Memorial weekend we will be celebrating the 21st anniversary of the founding of our retreat, St Francis Lodge (www.stfrancislodge.org), in the Paul Bunyan Forest of NW Minnesota. It has been an incredible journey with so many wonderful people who have stayed with us and so many who have supported us along the way. I am grateful. Sal

A Salute To Italy!

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“Caio” 😊, to everyone in Italy. Today, I wear my “Happy Coronavirus Cap” to salute Italy during the Coronavirus crisis. We are all with you here in the United States. God Bless You👍!

The Cross Still Stands!

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This Past February we had a big snow storm with very high wind gusts up here in NW Minnesota at St. Francis Lodge (www.StFrancisLodge.org). It howled all night. I got up early the next morning at sunrise and took this photo of the Cross by the outdoor alter, buried in Snow. The Cross was leaning, but still stood there. Trees [...]

Finally, A Film Is Coming!

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  Dear Friends; For those of you who may not know after 21 years, we have finally secured a contract with award winning Producer, Lisa Arnold ( www.checkthegateproductions.com ), to Produce and Direct the film, "Did I ever thank you, Sister?", based on my memoir, "Did I ever thank you, Sister?, which I wrote in 1999 (www.saldileo.com ). Lisa is [...]

Turn, Turn, Turn

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As we continue to brace ourselves for the full impact of the current crisis for humanity, I am reminded that gratitude and hope always carry us through the dark times. Now, more than ever, let us be grateful for all the little things we have maybe taken for granted in the past. Let us also always continue to reach out [...]

Please Pray With Me

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Yesterday evening at Sunset, as I was looking down on beautiful & frozen Lake George at our retreat center, St. Francis Lodge (www.stfrancislodge.org), in NW Minnesota, I said a prayer for all of us that God would help us get this Coronavirus under control. Pray with me please we use our heads and reach out to those in need around [...]