Yesterday was Father’s Day and my wife and I spent it up at our private Retreat we call St. Francis Lodge, on beautiful Lake George, in the Paul Bunyan Forest, ( St. Francis Lodge) in northwest Minnesota, just a few miles where the Mighty Mississippi begins its’ 2,500 mile journey to the Gulf Of Mexico. It is a magical place for us to go away to for re-charging our battery and re-setting our compasses. We share it with many others too who need a break from the clutter. We both love to work, but, getting a break from the pace of the city truly has made all the difference for us in this long race over the past 20 years. Pictured here with me is a beautiful wild “Lady Slipper” plant, the Minnesota State Flower. They were everywhere this year due to all the wonderful spring rain. I would suggest everyone should find a place to slow down and re-think where you are going. It will make all the difference for you at work and at home. Sal