Last week, Dan Hendrickson, the Screen Writer who is creating a screen play for a film on my Memoir, “Did I ever thank you, Sister?”, and I went back to Joliet, IL to do research on historic sites in my early life, and to meet with some of the friends I have stayed in contact who were with me in the orphanage and school in town at St. Raymond.The picture on the left is of me and my little Sister on the front steps of the Guardian Angel Home orphanage in 1965. I was 11. I carried that picture around most of my life as it was the only picture I had of myself and my sister as kids until just recently when I discovered others. The picture on the right was taken last week. I’m 65 now. Life has flown by. All is good. There have been so many good people along the way who have helped me out. It is what America was built on. It is my turn to give back now. I am grateful. Sal  ( Click on link below to Joliet Herald News Story) )